Our volunteers are a valuable resource at Harbor House Ministries.  They enrich the lives of the men and women who live at Harbor House Ministries. There are a number of roles where volunteers can serve.

Adventure Assistant:

These volunteers accompany residents and staff into the community and help to enrich the experience for individuals. A volunteer might help someone without sight to experience an event or locale by describing the visuals to him/her. These volunteers usually commit to a couple of hours either once or twice per month.

Weekly Visitor:

These volunteers spend one-on-one time with an individual resident, getting to know them and establishing a friendship. Commitment and consistency is highly valued in this role.


These volunteers drive our large passenger vans to a variety of sites around West Michigan.  To be a driver you must be at least 21, have a valid drivers license and clean driving record.

Maintenance Volunteer:

These volunteers help with maintenance projects around the campus, they work alongside or in conjunction with our maintenance and facilities staff.

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