FAQ #1:What does it cost to live at Harbor House Ministries?

Harbor House Ministries has three homes licensed as Adult Foster Care – Specialized Residential. This means we are staffed 24/7 and can accommodate more significant care needs.

The fees for Room and board at Harbor House Ministries are set by the state for all AFC homes at the monthly SSI rate minus 44 dollars. Room and board covers utilities, food, building maintenance, etc. Care is paid for by the individual’s insurance which includes Medicaid, Medicare, long-term care insurance and auto insurance.

The cost of care is based on the level of assistance an individual needs. Eligibility and approval for the cost of residential services at Harbor House Ministries must come through insurance.


FAQ #2:Why does Harbor House Ministries raise funds?

Harbor House Ministries is built on the financial principle of remaining debt-free. That means we do not finance our homes, home repairs, equipment, etc. Harbor House raises funds for all of these capital expenses which do not fall under the purview of insurance coverage.

Also, while care is paid for primarily by insurance, Medicaid rates have not kept up with the costs of labor. Harbor House Ministries raises funds to bridge the gap that allows us to maintain a low staff to resident ratio and cover the costs of community engagement and life enriching activities.


FAQ #3:Who regulates or oversees Harbor House Ministries?

Harbor House Ministries is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board makes decisions regarding strategic planning, funding, and policies.

The State of Michigan licenses Harbor House Ministries’ homes and inspects them on a regular basis.

In addition, each county community mental health system sends auditors to survey our operations annually.

Finally, Harbor House Ministries is accredited by CARF. We have been awarded CARF’s highest level of accreditation for Community Housing.


FAQ #4:What is the Cove?

The Cove is an activity center located across the drive from Harbor House Ministries’ homes. We built the Cove in 2010 to meet the needs of the men and women we serve who wanted a place to move, learn and grow through daily experiences. At the Cove, each individual has a unique plan that encompasses his/her physical, spiritual, social and behavioral needs.