Our History

Harbor House Ministries began with a dinner table conversation. Two families were looking at the future for their children with profound multiple impairments. As they began to explore what housing and services were available, they found very little that would meet the complex needs of their kids while also empowering them to be a vibrant part of the community.

These two families asked other people to get involved and together they formed the board of directors for Harbor House Ministries. As the board began to dream about what Harbor House could be, they determined they wanted housing where each person could be celebrated and valued as an individual and where each person could be one part of a greater whole, a community.

In 2000, the board began to raise funds to build the first homes. In order to remain sustainable for the long-term Harbor House Ministries decided to build and equip its home debt-free. In the absence of a mortgage, all government, insurance and supplemental funds can be used for the resident’s housing, care and support in the community. This is the same financial model Harbor House Ministries follows today.

In 2004, our first home, Pier Place, opened followed by Beacon Place in 2005 and finally Anchor Place in 2007. In 2010, Harbor House Ministries added an activity center, the Cove, as a place where people can move, work, and play.



Our Mission

Our Mission at Harbor House Ministries is to value the life of every person in providing quality, individualized care and residential services for adults with complex needs.

We believe each person is created by God with purpose and value.  Therefore, each person’s care is tailored to his or her unique abilities and gifts with activities that are purposeful and meaningful to the individual.

At Harbor House Ministries we believe in living abundantly; living life to the full! That means we strive to support each person as they work to realize their goals and dreams. Founded by families of adults with profound impairments, we understand that family members can be the best advocates for any individual. We work hard to maintain an atmosphere where family is valued and welcome all of the time. We seek not to replace, but to partner with an individual’s family in providing the best care and most enriching community life possible.